Please follow these instructions to receive your refund check: 

Use the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to handwrite your signature on the W9.

If you use Adobe DocuSign or an electronic signature, it must have the date/time stamp printed on it.

Your W9 Form must be submitted through our secure form.

Submit W9:

  • Click on the rectangle on the right-hand side of screen “VENDOR REGISTRATION: SUBMIT COMPLETED SUBSTITUTE W-9 OR W-8” (you MUST submit the attached W9)
  • Fill in the Vendor Maintenance Form
  • Select “I am receiving a revenue refund…”
  • Fill in required fields (denoted by *)
  • Fill in the “Mason Contact Information” with First Name = Dawn, Last Name = Aponte, and Contact Email =
  • Upload your completed W-9 by clicking “Choose File”
  • Browse to the location where your completed W-9 form is saved on your computer and click on it
  • Click Open
  • Click “Submit Form”