Introducing our New Communities

We are excited to share a new, easy way to connect with fellow students, parents, alumni, and staff of the Washington Journalism & Media Conference (WJMC) and the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment (WYSE).

Now, it’s easier than ever to join our communities. The WJMC Community can be accessed exclusively through Facebook here, and the WYSE Community can be found here.

What’s changing, and why?
Previously known as the WSP Forums, members of both programs could create a personalized account and connect with one another on a separate social media platform. To consolidate our social media presence and make it easier to connect with everyone, the WSP Forums will be retired at the end of September 2018. Two Facebook Communities will replace the forum—one for WJMC, and one for WYSE—making registration as simple as one click.

How do Alumni stay connected with the Program?
Alumni are welcome and encouraged to join their respective Communities on Facebook. They will also have exclusive access to a private Alumni Community for their own Program to keep in touch with friends from their conference.

Where do I sign up?
All you need to join the Community is a Facebook account. Choose from one of the following Communities to join below.